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Amy Rising Brown


 Amy is  the front "man"- in the form of a 5'8" blonde woman. "Crazy", "full of  energy", and "that chick can wail" are the most common comments.  Favorite songs to perform are all the originals along with "Think" by  Aretha Franklin and "Piece of My Heart" by Janis Joplin. Believe it or  not, Amy has found time to complete her undergraduate degree in  Psychology, Master in Sociology, hold down a full-time job, gig as much  as humanly possible, and marry the man of her dreams. 

Brian Brown


Brian  (aka the man of Amy's dreams)  is the guitarist and main songwriter of Phoenix Rising. He is native to  Texas, where he and Amy first formed the band. He draws musical  inspiration from such artists as Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones, The  Clash, Hank Williams, and Elton John. No matter what style of music  Brian plays, he likes to incorporate a bluesy sensibility. 

Bob Kimball


 Bob  developed a taste for seventies rock during the seventies, a decade that  rocked. Bob got his first bass when he was 14 and has been playing ever  since, becoming a veteran of countless garage bands and jam sessions.  Playing favorites from Aerosmith, KISS, Boston, Rush, and others. Bob  was rescued from 80s band purgatory by the fine folks in Phoenix Rising.  More than anything, Bob likes writing about Bob in the third person.  Bob.